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Get Started With The Proper Foundation. ACCELERATE Your Results With Help & Guidance From Me For 90 Days With The SOW Deal Mastery Ultimate Package


30 Days Access To Deal Mastery Mentorship (Value: $9997.00)

Get access to my private accountability group and receive the ongoing support, education, and accountability when you need it most! Get help with establishing your business, clarifying your process, and gaining certainty! Get mindset and accountability Help!

What is included
- 30 Days of direct access to Luc Madeus! 
- 30 Days of access to my private Deal Mastery Mentorship Community! 
- 30 Days of ongoing support, education, and accountability when you need it most!

30 Days Access To SOW Deal Mastery Wholesaling Accelerator Training (Value: $4997.00)

Step by step process to jump start your wholesaling business in 30 days! Get started with the proper foundation. Discover how to find motivated sellers, analyze deals, negotiate with sellers, find buyers, and close deals! 30 Days of access to SOW Deal Mastery Wholesaling Accelerator Training Modules!

What we cover
1. Success and Money mindset
2. Business Foundation
3. Lead Generation & Marketing Strategy Plan
4. Qualifying sellers, making offers, and negotiation
5. Analyzing Deals 
6. Finding and qualifying Buyer
7. Starting, Managing and Closing Transactions
8. Systemize & Automate To Scale Up


SOW Masterclass Real Estate Training Course (Value: $2997.00)

Get started with the proper foundation. Dive deeper in to the world of real estate wholesaling how to find motivated sellers, analyze deals, negotiate with sellers, find buyers, and close deals! 

BONUS GIFT 1: Quick Start Deal Package (Value: $497.00)

All the tools you need to start doing deals. Contracts, scripts, property repair checklist, trainings, and more!

BONUS GIFT 2: Driving For Dollars Live Video Course (Value: $1,497.00)

Hit the ground running finding deals in your backyard effectively and leverage technology to speed up & automate your process! BONUS driving for dollars tutorials & Interviews!

Everything for only $2,997 instead of $19,985!

That is $16,988 OFF!

Usually $19,985
For You $2,997! 
Usually $50,000 
For You Only $35,000! 
Now typically this is $50K because my team and I assist you in the complete launch of your business and participate in its growth for the duration of our time working together. The entire setup is done for you.

But for a limited time, this is available to you for only $35K!  

And if you pay in full, it’s only $25k, so you save an additional $10k!!  

Now for those of you who can pay in full, click the pay now button below! 

For those of you that can’t pay in full, the good news is we do offer 3rd party funding! This would allow you to get started for $1k/mo. Or less! 
Here are all the benefits: 
  • 2-5 year terms*
  • ​From application to funding (2-4 business days) – FAST 
  • ​Affordable monthly payments - $1k/mo or less! 
  • ​No prepayment penalty (This is big)! 
  • ​1st payment not due for 30 days! 
  • ​Have access to several exclusive funding groups and over 15 national lenders under one platform! 
Now there are only 2 questions we get about funding! 

1. Does it affect my credit to apply?  
No, it’s a soft pull! Meaning you’ll have a chance to talk to a funding specialist and review all your offers before making a decision so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

2. What are the terms and rates? We’re not sure. It depends on your credit. But there is no prepayment penalty. Which means you can use the funds and only pay rates on the time you need it until it’s paid off!
Most of our clients look at it as a bridge funding where they can use the funds to help them get from where they’re at to the get to where they want to be, and really, who they want to become!!  
So to find out if you qualify, click on the apply now button below! 

The best part is they have an instant pre-qualifier where you’ll know whether you’re a good match within a minute! 

How does that work?

Simply fill out the 1st page and if it allows you to continue, congrats! You’ll most likely qualify for funding! 

And the great part is you can fund up to 100% of the program amount!

So you’re pre-authorized to apply up to $26k (The full amount plus a bit extra in case you need it!)

It only takes 5-7 minutes from start to finish and it’s pretty simple on the rest! 

Now what happens if you don’t move past the instant pre-qualifier page? 

Well, that’s okay too, as we do have some other options! :)

Click on the Let’s Chat button below and we’ll personally go over those with you! 

But keep in mind this offer is only good until Friday night! 

And only for 10 people as we can only serve that so many clients a month and that’s our Cap to make sure we work we can focus on getting you the outcome you came here to get!  
So to take advantage of the our offer below, here’s a recap:

1. To get the pay in full discount, click the pay now button!  

2. If you can’t pay in full, we offer 3rd party funding and your installment payments will be $1k/mo. Or less! Click the apply now button! And If you get past the pre-instant qualifier page, congrats! You’ll most likely qualify. If not, that’s okay!

3. Click on the let’s chat button and we’ll go over some other options with you! 

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Apply For 3rd Party Funding! (As low as $1k/Mo. or less!!!)

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